Ottoz du Val d’Aoste

The first genepy liqueur

In 1902 Laurent Ottoz created the first genepy liqueur as we know it now, the Alpine Liqueur Elixir Genepy. One century later Ottoz liqueurs family is still growing thanks to technologic improvement and selection of high quality raw materials: Genepy Centenario, for example, produced only using Aosta Valley male genepy, or Amaro Ebo Lebo, made using also saffron and artemisia plants harvested by us.


Ebo Lebo Gran Riserva

EBO LEBO Ottoz è un amaro, prodotto naturale

Hundredth-years long history

Liqueurs selection

Ottoz du Val d'Aoste
Loc. Torrent de Maillod, 4
11020 Quart (Ao) · Valle d’Aosta · Italy
Tel. +39 0165 77 41 11 · Mail
PI 00040900078 · R.E.A.: 31329 (AO)
Capitale sociale: € 50.000,00

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