gran riserva

An ancient legend, whose origin is lost in the mists of time, tells of how the Salassi – ancient and bold inhabitants of Aosta Valley – made use of a powerful potion. This magical filter gave indomitable courage and superhuman strength to the Salassi soldiers who took it before the battles. Thanks to these particular benefits, it allowed them to resist the invasion of the impetuous Roman armies for many decades.

For the Salassi the magic drink was a medicine against all hurts; it was used especially before facing trials that required energy, boldness and courage, such as war, hunting or love.

The years passed, the peoples succeeded each other, but the magic linked to the mysterious drink did not disappear.

In fact, in the following millennia, Ebo Lebo was the name with which, for a long time, the Gressoney valley people called the Achillea Millefolium, a bitter herb with magical digestive and stimulating qualities, which takes its name from the Homeric hero Achilles, who used it to heal the wounds sustained in battle.

Today the legend lives on with EBO LEBO gran riserva. This new product, dedicated to the most refined palates, still remains the liqueur of the past, with extraordinary powers and obtained through the wise and secret dosage of infusions of numerous herbs. However, in addition to tradition, it also represents innovation, since the original recipe is enriched with the addition of génépy and saffron, cultivated in Aosta Valley by the Rosset Terroir farm. Thanks to them Ebo Lebo has exceptional tonic and digestive characteristics without detracting anything from its full taste and its unmistakable aroma.

Over the years, the Liqueur has conquered both the national and international market and it is now enjoying great success in the United States, thanks to the Dark Star import group headed by Joe Bastianich.


In order to obtain the maximum effect of the magical qualities of EBO LEBO it is recommended to always pronounce the magic formula EBO LEBO 3 times before taking it!