Ebo Lebo

This new product, dedicated to the most refined palates, still remains the liqueur of the past, with extraordinary powers and obtained through the skilful and secret dosage of infusions of numerous herbs. However, EBO LEBO, in addition to tradition, also represents innovation, since the original recipe is enriched with the addition of génépy and saffron, grown in the Aosta Valley by the Rosset Terroir farm.

Thanks to EBO LEBO it has exceptional tonic and digestive characteristics without sacrificing anything to its full taste and its unmistakable aroma.


Elixir Génépy Centenario

Liqueur obtained from the hydroalcoholic infusion of male Génépy plants. For long days, these flowers rest in the dark, in alcohol. These flowers give to the liqueur unmistakable aromas, flavors and colors.